My GRE Experience


One thing I forgot to mention is that this blog is a way to keep family, friends, and the like updated on my Grad School progress. Since I have been involved in housing and orientation life, I have been lucky that most of my mentor are Student Affairs professionals.

What I have been most bothering those lovely people about is my nervousness about taking the GRE. I have to report back that…it was not that bad. I liked the way the sections are broken up into 30- 35 minute sections and I felt like I had control over my time with the exam. I also have an issue with having people read things to me, so I was glad it wasn’t proctored by a person like the SAT or ACT. I immediately lose focus and become frustrated. So for me, as far as standardized tests go, the GRE was a good experience. 

That is not to say I got a perfect score but I am happy with my results. What was most unnerving to me was the set up of the testing center. I felt like I was signing my life away and walking into Fort Knox just to take this exam. Luckily the proctors at the exam center were very nice and made me feel relaxed. My experience may be an anomaly but if I can give any advice I would say, relax it’s not that bad. 

Until next time,


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