Tap into your Strength

I’ve been involved in a good number of organizations on my campus and everyone has had some portion where we spend time getting to know ourselves. To me the most interesting self-assessment was StrengthsQuest.  The assessment gives you, your top five “strengths” with a detailed description on how you can maximize on the qualities you possess.

When I worked for New Student Orientation, taking the StrengthsQuest assessment was a part of our training.  We then learned how our staff of 50 could best work together utilizing our strengths.

My Strengths include:

  • Individualization
  • Input
  • Intellection
  • Context
  • Achiever

When I first received the results of my assessment I was a little confused. Intellectual, Achiever, and Input all make sense. They are all about learning, taking in information, and completing goals.

The the 34 strengths the assessment highlights. Thanks to tagxedo.com
The 34 strengths the assessment highlights. Thanks to tagxedo.com

The other two were not as clear at first. Individualization is regards to my report means that I do well with understanding others perspectives and can easily see others strengths. That immediately leads into Context because before I can approach a new situation I always want to how things were done before, sometimes to a fault.

Hopefully this helps give you all some insight into who I am! Have any of you taken the StrengthsQuest? Do you put any stock into personality tests? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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