How to Not Just Deal but Thrive

Recently, it seems as though there have been many instances on my campus, and others like it, of insensitive and ignorant interactions occurring. At my school we have a Facebook group moderated by Student Government that is open for all Wolfpack students. I believe that originally the group was created with good intentions. Why wouldn’t students want a group where they could post flyers for events, talk about sports, or anything that ties us together as Wolfpack family? Due to the things I have seen lately I have not felt apart of a family on my campus and believe my peers don’t want people like me here. 

Seen 11/11/2013 in the Free Expression Tunnel at NC State.


On the group’s home page at any time of day you will find racist, sexist, and just plain rude comments on posts that were originally were completely innocent. It is almost amazing to me how some of my Wolfpack family can walk around at such a diverse university but still see the world in such small ways. As a student know I have the platform and freedom to only represent myself and my opinions when I speak out. Yet, as a future Student Affairs professional how do you make yourself advocate for students that you feel in your heart are wrong? I assume perspective, patience, and tolerance all come with time and experience but right now all I want to do is get a picket sign. I want to take to the streets and protest all that I think is wrong in the world while I have nothing holding me back. 

I love my school. I have had opportunities to grow and learn here that I will always value, but I love my school enough to hold it accountable and want it to live up to its potential. How do you all but your personal feelings aside and stand for the rights of your students even if you disagree with them? 

Until next time, 


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