That treadmill feeling and the BIG question.

Lately, I feel like I have been on a treadmill. Constantly moving, working, making progress for myself, but not really going anywhere. For now that is okay. I’m in the middle of transition waiting on internship offers, acceptance letters, and of course graduation.

It is especially discouraging at times because I see friends being able to make more concrete plans. They are getting their job offers or accepting grad school acceptances, but I’m not there yet. I’m still here working, running on this treadmill, not really going anywhere. There is a plan but it’s not set in stone and I think a lot of my peers are in a similar place.

Nothing makes a graduating senior cringe more than people asking, “What are your plans after graduation?” My school hasn’t even put caps and gowns on sale yet. It makes you face the inevitability of leaving a home, leaving friends, and a lifestyle you have become accustomed. The worst part is that most of us don’t know what we plan on doing after graduation. It’s such a BIG question. We are on that treadmill, doing the work, feeling like we are making progress within ourselves and then as soon as some well-intentioned person says, “What now?” It’s like hitting the STOP button. If you are anything like me you go tumbling off. This whole “real life” thing is not an easy topic to accept.

I will continue on my treadmill, doing the work, and making progress for myself. Hoping that soon, I will be able to step off and start moving forward on an actual path. Until then, to everyone out there, what I’m doing now is enough for right now.

Until next time,


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