Celebrating Dr. King’s Birthday

Nubian Message Staff with Ben Jealous
Nubian Message Staff with Ben Jealous

On last Sunday, a few of my fellow Nubian Message staff members,  had the pleasure of traveling the few miles down Tobacco Road to Duke University. Ben Jealous, former President of the NAACP, gave the keynote address to close their Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorations events.

The last time I visited Duke I was running my first 5K and not in a position to appreciate how beautiful the campus is, especially Duke Chapel, where the event was held. The event was beautiful with drums, singing, and powerful speeches by members of the Duke community and current students.

Duke Chapel
Duke Chapel

This event really encouraged me. As I am in this “treadmill” time in my college career. Going to another campus and hearing empowering words from elders gave me a pep in my step. I was also able to spend this time with my friends, including our dynamic Editor-In-Chief Kierra Leggett (for all the fashionsita’s, check out her style blog).

I love what I do but everyone needs time to recharge. This year I feel like my supervisors have been challenging me, with support, of course because they know of my career goals. I really understand the meaning of the  of the infamous “duties as assigned” clause in  my contract.  As Student Affairs Pro’s what do you all do to recharge your batteries?

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