The One Where She Finally Made a Decision

I am very pleased to announce that I will be pursing a Master’s of Education in the Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education program at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG)! While at UNCG I will be working  in the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement and Orientation at Guilford College. Yay!

This past weekend I attended SPARK, UNCG’s recruitment weekend where admitted students have a chance to get to know the faculty, current students, and

My pennant flag with my name and state on it.
My pennant flag with my name and state on it.

interview for assistanships or jobs we will have while attending school. From the time I found out I was going to SPARK the committee working with us was so helpful and I enjoyed every minute of the weekend. They made me feel so welcome and all of the personal touches made me feel like I was making a decision on joining a family not just getting a degree. For example, a lot of things were personalized with our names and the faculty spent time getting to know us and introducing us to different campus partners.

The interview process was something I had never experienced but one I am told I should get used to. After our fun first day of tours and getting to know our potential cohort members, the second day was mostly interviews. We started out in a room that was basically a holding pen for the employers to come get us and then take us to another room where there were about 10 other interviews, at the same time. The Hunger Games and us being “tributes” was a running joke all weekend.

Written on the wall behind us on interview day.
Written on the wall behind us on interview day.

I had 5 interviews in a row so I pretty much crashed afterward. Luckily, the other SPARKlers (what the new students were called) were all very encouraging and that is a testament to their character. In that situation where everyone is competing for some of the same jobs having a huge encouraging group smiling at you when you finished was more helpful than you can imagine. 

When it comes to big decisions I like to think that I will make the right one for me and it just so happens that in the past my mother is always right. She talked about UNCG way more than I did but this time I don’t mind hearing a resounding, “I told you so!”

image (7)
Just so happened that my Co-RA and duty partner, Olivia, was at SPARK too.

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