I’m Perfectly Imperfect?


“You are perfectly imperfect! That’s what Brené Brown would say!”

I was told that over the phone as I drove down I-85  to Raleigh, NC, from Guilford College in Greensboro.  I called my mentor’s over at N.C. State Orientation to let them know I had thoroughly embarrassed myself by spending half of my day visit with just one large dangling earring in place. Of course, due to office cubicle life once you tell one person you tell them all.

I was invited to Guilford to see my Graduate Assistantship’s office and really get to take in the campus. I was able to meet people, talk to students, and even hear from one of the women in the running to be the President of the college. All while walking around with one large, dangling earring.

But back to the perfectly imperfect part. I have a bad habit of doing really embarrassing things when it matters most. I’ve come to use them as ways to humble myself and not to take things too seriously. I have fallen out of chairs in meetings, forgotten people’s names mid-sentence, and now visited my future employers, shaking a bunch of hands, and walking around with one large dangling earring.

Now, three days later, I’m not as mortified as I was and what made me sit down to write was looking at this bumper sticker I received during my campus visit.

Guilford CAB

Read the sticker closely. Maybe it was the stars aligning or just in God’s bigger plan for me to start my journey at a place that makes mistakes but is able to keep going.  Personally, I think being on campus “activites” board would have been fun!

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” 
― Brené Brown

Does anyone have any “perfectly imperfect” moments to share and make me feel better?


Until next time,


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