Do you work here…?

I said that I would stop with the posts just recording the time line of events going on in my life and I am keeping to that promise. Summer is over, classes are back in session and it is time for you and I, dear reader, to stretch our minds a bit.


I’ve been working at my graduate assistantship for about a month and within the last few weeks students have finally made their way back to campus. I sit in a fairly busy part of campus in what is the closest thing we have to a student union building here. Most days students can see me puttering around at my cube and completing my “other duties as assigned.”

While working in a figurative, and literal, glass house was at first, a bit intimidating I started to notice an interesting trend. During those first few days every student that I perceived as Black or African-American either did a double take then waved or came in the office and introduced themselves.

Now I could put this up to it being a really small school and a new person is easy to spot but I think it is something a bit deeper. I would never stretch to say that I hold the monolithic views of the Black community, nor do we caucus and report out to the masses. I do believe that on a campus where there are not a lot of administrators that look like you, seeing someone in a leadership role matters. I know it mattered to me as a student.

As always I would love feedback!


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