NODA Grad in NOLA!

Source: Silicone Bayou News

It seems as though it was last week I was getting excited for my NODA (National Orientation Director’s Association) internship at UNC Asheville (read about that one here) but here I am, a year later, in New Orleans, 3 weeks into my new NODA internship at Loyola University New Orleans.

It is such a blessing that I have had this opportunity twice, one not afforded to many. My biggest concern coming into this summer is if I would have the chance to develop new skills. Would I find a way to challenge myself in new areas? Would I allow my self to become complacent in the orientation song and dance that I know so well? I have some ideas on how to shake things up for myself but if anyone has suggestions let me know!

Orientation really has not started for us here yet so my co-intern and I have had time to explore all that New Orleans has to offer. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know that I have tried ALL of the food and gone to quite a few festivals. Locals will tell you there is a festival every weekend in the summer, from ones about Cajun Zydeco music to the Creole Tomato Festival, there is something for everyone.

As things get going for us I’ll check back but I’m excited for what is about to come this summer and I can’t wait to really get started. I also have some ideas to get more into the deep side things like my earlier posts, so stay tuned. Hope y’all enjoy this quick update!

Until next time,


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